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Governance and Coordination
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Governance and Coordination

Composition and Constitution of The Commission as per HEC Ordinance No.LIII of 2002

  Section No. of HEC Ordinance


  6-1 (a)

The Chairperson;

 6-1 (b)

The Secretary, Ministry of Education;

6-1  (c)

i.     The Secretary, Information Technology and Telecommunication Division; 


ii.     The Secretary, Scientific and Technology Research Division;

6-1 (d)

Four nominees of the Provincial Governments, one from each of the provinces:

6-1 (e)

Ten members appointed in the manner specified in sub-sections (3) and (4); and

6-3 (a)

Seven shall be persons of international eminence and proven ability with significant contribution to higher education as teacher, researcher or administrator provided that at least one of the members shall be a woman;

6-3 (b)

One member shall be a Rector or Vice-Chancellor appointed by the Controlling Authority out of a panel of three persons suggested by a committee consisting of all Vice-Chancellors of public sector universities to be set up by the Commission; and 

6-3 (c)

Two members shall be persons of eminence from the private sector who have made significant contributions in the field of higher education or research and development.

6-1 (f)

Executive Director, HEC

(The Executive Director of the Commission  shall be ex-officio Secretary of the Commission)

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