Conventional to Strategic: A new Paradigm in Giving Islamabad March 2018

PAKISTAN PHILANTHROPY FORUM 2018 Conventional to Strategic: A New Paradigm in Giving ISLAMABAD | MARCH 2018​


Despite spending vast amounts of money to create prosperous and peaceful societies, both public and charitable sectors have fallen far short of solving Pakistan's most pressing problems. In the face of rising population and stressed government budgets, the ability of philanthropy to step in and help solve public problems and support vital social institutions has perhaps never been more important.

Persistent societal problems and wealth creation in the emerging economies like Pakistan are driving a new generation of actors to commit their resources for the greater public welfare. Widely known as philanthropy, voluntary contributions to causes that serve a public good are a longstanding and important aspect of Pakistani culture. What is of particular interest today is the proliferation of ways in which this private giving is being channelled​ into new institutional forms. In significant ways, some local philanthropy is becoming more strategic in its goals, which means utilizing resources effectively to address the underlying causes of important social problems.​

Through an examination of philanthropic trends in Pakistan and around the world, Pakistan Philanthropy Forum 2018 seeks to shed light on the forms of institutionalized giving that currently exist, as well as to provide recommendations on how charitable contributions can be most efficient and effective. Drawing on data collected from endowed corporate and private foundations, public-private partnerships, governmental agencies, charitable trusts and community-based organizations, this discourse will mark the first attempt to map the landscape of giving in the country, and explore ways and means by which the conventional and spontaneous generosity can be transformed into a dynamic vehicle for sustainable social change.

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