Expression of Interest: Establishment of National Center

​HEC intends to establish top-tier science and technology research centers in the following areas:

  1. Robotics & Automation

  2. Cyber Security

  3. Data Analytics & Cloud Computing

These National Cent​ers are designed to create national capacity in key emerging areas of science and technology that have received a lot of attention and focus in the recent years and where a bit of investment and focus may create a competitive advantage for Pakistan. Each of these National Centers shall comprise of a series of "Affiliated Labs" at a number of universities across the country selected on the basis of; (i) a demonstrated capability and track record of accomplishments, and (ii) a problem-orientation that is either nationally relevant or globally cutting-edge while at the same time leading to sustainability (through generation of non-PSDP revenue) in 3-5 years.  

Universities and research groups interested to establish affiliated labs under one of these National Centers are required to submit their expression of interest (EOI).

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