Feedback Required for Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)-AGAHEE

The proposed World Bank support entitled "Assisting Governance and Access in Higher Education for Quality Enhancement Project (AGAHEE)" aims to support Government of Pakistan in strengthening the tertiary education system in the country. The proposed objective(s) of Project AGAHEE is to support research excellence in strategic sectors of the economy, improve teaching and learning and strengthen governance, in the higher education sector.

The four major components of the Project are as under:

Component 1. Nurturing excellence in strategic sectors

Component 2: Supporting Decentralized Higher Education Institutes for improved teaching and learning 

Component 3: Equipping students and higher education institutions with modern technology

Component 4: Higher Education Management Information System and Data Driven Services

This ESMF (click here to download document) has been prepared using primary and secondary information collected through literature review, reconnaissance survey and stakeholder consultation workshop. This framework will be followed once specific projects activities are identified and their details are available. This framework also discusses the stakeholder engagement and involvement throughout the project life cycle and mechanism to disclose project information to them and redress the grievances of the affected community.

Please review the Document and Submit your feedback by April 15, 2019

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