Result of written test held on 19th February, 2017 against the Advertised Positions


  • Qualifying the Recruitment Test would not necessarily confer any right to be eligible for interview. Only shor​tli​​sted candidates will be called for interview
  • Test score of the candidates for more than one position of the same category,  the same score will be considered.
  • Shortlisting for the interview will be determine separately for each position.

 ​​Click on your  Category or Position to view the Result by entering CNIC with dashes.

Sr. No.Name of PositionCategory
1Project CoordinatorA
2Director NetworksK
3Director AutomationL

Technical Monitoring Officer Project Manager

5Deputy Director System ManagementM
6Accounts ManagerC
7Assistant Director Software DevelopmentN
8Assistant Director CommunicationO
9Assistant Director System ManagementP
10Assistant Director Web DesigningQ

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