Talent Young Scientist Program (TYSP), China


Talented young scientist program (TYSP) is a program of the government of the People's Republic of China, run by china science and technology exchange centre (CSTEC), a legally independent organization affiliated with the ministry of science and technology (MOST) of china.

Aims of projects:

TYSP aims to support talented young scientists, scholars and researchers from Afro-Asian countries including Pakistan, under the age of 45, to work in Chinese research institute or enterprises. The program promotes communication with these countries with science and technology, while nurturing young science and technology leaders, and foster long-term international cooperation among research, universities and enterprises in the Region.

Focal agency in Pakistan:

The applicant from Pakistan, can be selected to work as a researcher in any institute, in china preferably under Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), subject to endorsement of his/her application by Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan (which is the National Focal Agency for recommending Pakistani Applicant to participate in the program).

Financial Benefit:

Ministry of Science and Technology, China provide each selected scientist an amount of RMB ¥ 12500 per month for accommodation, insurance and other living expenditure during the program.

Procedure for Applying:

Requirements for applicant and procedure of application can be reached at http://www.tysp.org/English. There is no deadline for submission of applicants; the scientists can apply at any time.

The application with requisite information in respect of the nominee(s) may be furnished to the ministry in English (in hard form), after completion of necessary formalities and due endorsement by the Competent Authority of the concerned Organization.

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