In the 21st century globalized world, regional connectivity is a major factor to achieve broader goals of sustainable development and endurable peace. There is no medium better than education to promote mutual understanding among people of different countries, and achievement of academic and professional milestones. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been enjoying cordial and friendly relations since their inceptions. In last seventy years, both countries have established strong bi-lateral economic, trade, military and strategic ties. With this back ground, Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan with Srilankan President during his meeting agreed to extend mutual cooperation in higher education sector.   

 As per commitment of the Government of Pakistan and to foster relations, Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan with the support of Government of Pakistan (GoP) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), initiated Higher Education Cooperation Program in higher education sector at various levels. 


  1. SCHOLARSHIPS: 1000 Fully and partially funded Scholarships for Srilankan students to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in top-ranked Pakistani universities
  2. FACULTY EXCHANGE: 50 Short-term exchange of university faculty from Pakistan and Sri Lanka for seminars, conferences and other academic & research related activities
  3. SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TRAINING: 50 Short-term trainings for Sri Lankan officials in area of public administration, governance and leadership
  4. ESTABLISHMENT OF DEPARTMENT OF TAXILA GHANDHRA CIVILIZATION STUDIES: A department at the University of Colombo to promote Taxila Ghandhra Civilization Studies
  5. HIGHER EDUCATION EXPO: Pakistani Higher Education Expo to introduce Pakistani higher education institutions to facilitate Sri Lankan students and faculty    
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