Hiring of Foreign Faculty

The HEC has developed a number of faculty hiring programmes focused to ease the critical shortage of qualified faculty in the public sector institutions of higher education. These programmes will also help increase the number of skilled and experienced teachers to teach at institutions that will produce fine engineers and scientists across a broad range of disciplines.

Through the Faculty Hiring Programme, the HEC aspires to bring a positive change in the culture of higher education institutions in all domains of academic activities including development of infrastructure; academic standards; curriculum; knowledge dissemination through refined teaching/examination/grading methodologies; industry-academia linkage; international collaborative research and fine supervisory acumen which results in creation of knowledge. There has been considerable progress in the targeted areas due to these faculty hiring programmes.

The programme will develop links between local and foreign institutions, encouraging long-term sustainable scientific collaborations. Foreign faculty members will be expected to supervise world class graduate level research and deliver cutting-edge graduate level courses in their academic disciplines.

Last Updated: 09-08-2016 18:04

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