Guidelines for ORIC

​​​​​​​​Guidelines for ORIC/Research Office/Registrar Office

  1. The applicants will submit their research proposals online through HEC web portal "" on or before ​ October 31, 2017. ​
  2. The Principal Investigator (PI) has to submit one complete set of duly filled original hard copy of the proposal (downloaded from eportal at "Project Proposal application" Tab of eportal) duly singed from all relevant authorities of the university along with soft copies of all documents (a specimen of application form to help out the reseacher/PI is given here as Application Form 2017, however hard copy of this is not acceptable​​) to HEC, through the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)/Research Office/Office of the Registrar of your university on or before deadline. 
  3. The ORIC/Research Office/Office of the Registrar of the respective university will ensure while receiving hard & soft copy of the proposal from the PIs that original relevant documents are attached with, in line with the checklist
  4. Furthermore, ORIC/Research Office/Office of Registrar of  respective university will compile basic information of all research proposal(s) of respective university in a single MS-Excel Sheet, as per enclosed template  & will made it available along with complete record of all the proposals to HEC.
  5. The ORIC/ Research Office/Registrar Offices​ will ensure that same online system generated project ID# must be allotted to each of the received research proposal (hard copy & soft copy) and on MS-Excel Sheet so that same proposal may be traced in hard/soft form using MS-Excel Sheet. ​ Soft copies of all the proposals should be burnt on one flash, along with Excel Sheet by the ORIC office of respective university .
  6. After doing all needful, the ORIC/Research Office/Office of the Registrar will send a complete bundle consisting of all the Research Proposals from their respective universities (one complete set of duly filled original hard copy & soft copy each), along with complete record of all the proposals in a single MS-Excel Sheet –via surface mail/Special Messenger– to Director (R&D), HEC on or before  31-10-2017​.     
  7. PQR (Pakistan Quality Register): details and university wise list of focal person of PQR is availabe on link​

  8. Application will not be considered if 
  1. Incomplete filled application form
  2. Submitted proposal under NRPU is meant for  establishment of laboratory or for only development.​
  3. Received on outdated Application Form
  4. Either PI does not submit original hard copy of proposal to the respective ORIC Office/Research Office/Registrar Office or ORIC/Research offices does not submit original hard copies to R&D Division of HEC on or before the closing date, 31-10-2017.
  5. PI is executing any NRPU project whose completion is delayed by three years.
  6. PI is currently executing or has submitted two or more projects simultaneously for consideration under any of HEC funding research grants programs like NRPU or UITSP or TDF or TRGP or Pak-US etc. (either ongoing, submitted, under review, etc).
  7. PI has been black listed by HEC.
  8. Original hard copy of applications are directly submitted to HEC, bypassing ORIC/Research Office/Office of the Registrar of the respective university.
  9. Application form 2017 (a specimen to help out the reseacher/PI: this is not acceptable as hard copy) is not signed/countersigned/endorsed by head of institution, vice chancellor/Rector/Director of DAIs.
  10. CV of PI or Co-PI are not attached.
  11. Quotations of required equipment, worth over Rs. 0.1 Million are not attached.
  12. Report generated by Turnitin is not attached.
  13. A clearance certificate from Institutional Bioethics Committee (IBC) of the university/DAI concerned (if required) is not attached.
  14. Industrial support letter (if required) is not attached.
  15. Copy of appointment letter is not attached.
  16. Proposals has already submitted under "Thematic Research Grants Programme 2017-18" for funding.