Call for Application to Study at UCAS, USTC & UCAS Institutes, By China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre on Earth Sciences

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), one of the top distinguished universities in China, invites applications from Pakistani/AJ&K nationals to apply for PhD & Master's programs under different scholarship categories in academic year 2021-22, including Chinese Government Scholarship, ANSO Scholarship and UCAS Scholarship. The successful candidates will avail exemption from tuition fees, dormitory accommodation, monthly stipend, medical insurance. The successful candidates for ANSO Scholarship will even be subsided for travel cost.

The students are welcome to apply for any PhD and Master's programs available at UCAS. However, those who wish to apply for PhD and Master's program in the field of Earth Sciences, are required to contact the focal points of China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre on Earth Sciences (CPJRC) by email.

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