Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) Masters Scholarship Program 2021

Federation of University Sport of China (FUSC), the only national organization for university sports in China, was established in 1975. Its headquarters is in Beijing. It is a member of the All-China Sports Federation. In 1975, the International University Sports Federation formally accepted the FUSC as a member.

Federation of University Sports of China is offering fully funded Masters Scholarship in sports related fields of studies in the year 2021. The applicant must be less than 35 years of age on time of application with good health.

Perspective applicants may apply through China Scholarship Council website with following details;

  1. Visit "CSC Study in China" website and apply through "Scholarship Application for Students" at http://www.campuschina.org.
  2. Select the correct "Program Category - Type A".
  3. Input the correct Agency Number. Your Agency Number for subject scholarship program is: 0023
  4. Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, both are mandatory for online application.
  5. Application processing authorities will not receive your online application if the program category or agency number are not correct.
  6. All the section of application including personal information, Language Proficiency and Study Plan and upload neat scanned Supporting Documents.
  7. Downloaded successful submitted application and keep a signed copy with yourself.
  8. Apply in relevant master's program. Detail of program and university can be found at CSC website http://www.campuschina.org/universities/index.html.
  9. All uploaded supporting documents must be clear, authentic and valid. Applicants are recommended to use professional device to scan the relevant documents. Applicants shall bear the consequences caused by unclear or unidentifiable uploaded materials.
  10. Once the applicants have completed the online submission, they are requested to send one recommendation letter from Pakistan University Sports Board (PUSB)/HEC to Federation of University Sport of China (FUSC) office to Ms. LI Yuan at liy@fusc.org.cn before 17 February 2021 to complete their application– please note that Federation of University Sport of China (FUSC) will be dealing applications, not International University Sports Federation (FISU).
    Disclaimer: On behalf of Govt. of Pakistan, HEC is only announcing this scholarship program for general public information. In case of any queries, please write directly to Ms. Li Yuan at liy@fusc.org.cn from Federation of University Sport of China.

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