HEC-CRBC Scholarship programme offered by China Road and Bridge Corporation for the year 2019

The scholarships will be offered for Master Degree in Transportation Engineering. The Master program shall be of two years (one year for course learning and one year for thesis writing & internship) including the module like course, seminar, site visit, internship and thesis writing etc. Students shall complete the compulsory and optional courses in the first year, and the thesis writing and defence​ in the second year. The master of engineering certificate (transportation engineering field) will be awarded after completing the required courses and passing the thesis defence.

The Master degree Programmes offered in Transportation Engineering are as under:

Transportation Planning and Management, Highway and Railway Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Traffic Information Engineering and Control (ITS), Vehicle Operation Engineering, Geodesy and Surveying Engineering, Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, & Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering.

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