34th Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Program

 34th Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Program @ Islamabad , Islamabad Capital Territory

Higher Education Commission
LI Division, H-8
08-01-2018 - 28-02-2018
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The Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Program is an 8 Week in-service certified professional development program specifically designed to equip the Higher Education teaching faculty (having service less than 5 years) with the principles of professional teaching and research skills/methodology, required for effective teaching and research, according to modern class room settings.

The faculty members developed as Master Trainers disseminate similar training in their respective institutions either as Resource Person or as Coordinator. In previous thirty three batches organized by Learning Innovation Division, 954 faculty members of different public and HEC Funded Private Sector Universities got professional certification in principles of professional teaching and research as well as management.


  1. To make teachers understand their responsibilities & duties towards the teaching profession.
  2. To produce professional teachers, who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding, combined with practical skills, competencies and commitment to teach at high national standards.
  3. To expand their teaching skills from conventional teaching to include a variety of innovative teaching methods, using case study, problem based learning & simulation teaching techniques etc.
  4. To promote the knowledge of curriculum development and its right implementation in classroom settings.
  5. To enable teachers to select, construct and use assessment strategies for monitoring student learning.
  6. To enable teachers enhance their management skills and utilize them in the teaching learning situations.
  7. To develop their research skills so that they can contribute to the existing knowledge sphere in their respective fields.
  8. To strengthen teacher's communication skills so that they can effectively communicate as professional teachers.
  9. Most importantly to trickle down quality education & knowledge to their students as expected of them.

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