HEC Proposes Measures to Promote Employability PhDs

Islamabad, November 15, 2018: Recognising the hardships facing unemployed PhDs, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has proposed to take measures to help increase employment opportunities for PhD graduates.

"HEC recognises difficulties being faced by the unemployed PhDs." To alleviate the hardships, HEC has held several deliberations with representatives of unemployed PhDs and other stakeholders to evaluate the problem and institute steps that will help in creating additional employment opportunities for PhD graduates," says an HEC statement.

According to the statement, eligibility criteria under Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme will be reviewed to strengthen placement of PhD graduates in all HEC recognised universities. HEC will institute capacity building programmes for the development of young PhD graduates in essential soft skills, including measures to assess and determine capacity building needs. HEC will evaluate the possibility of including R&D organisations and affiliated colleges -- through the corresponding affiliating university -- under IPFP to open up new placement opportunities. The process will be completed within a period of 30 days.

HEC will compile data on current faculty recruitment practices in HEIs with reference to regular vis-à-vis visiting, contractual, daily paid and subject specialist faculty, undertake analysis thereof and issue advice to the HEIs w.r.t the admissible ratio of regular vis-à-vis temporary faculty, periodical convening of Selection Boards, and completion of recruitment cycle within a period of 90 days. Incompliance of the policy guidelines will have reflection on the university funding and ranking. The exercise will be completed within a period of six weeks.

The eligibility criteria for international Post Doc Fellowships will be revised to include both employed and unemployed PhD graduates upon approval of the competent authority.

All unemployed and employed PhD graduates will register themselves at PhD Data Bank launched by the HEC in August 2018 to avail HEC services within a period of 30 days. Un-registered PhD scholars shall not be considered eligible for HEC services.

HEC will examine the feasibility of instituting 'PhD Scholars Support Programme' for protecting their livelihood. Under the programme, unemployed PhD graduates will be placed at all public educational, research and administrative institutions for a maximum period of 12 months on a monthly remuneration not exceeding Rs.50,000 and will be expected to ably serve the concerned organisations.    


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