HEC to Set up Centre for Water Resources in Balochistan

Islamabad, January 29, 2019: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will establish a Centre for Water Resources in Balochistan to take up research, innovation and capacity building in the field of water resources.

In this connection, HEC has sought proposals from research groups of HEC recognised public and research-active private universities and degree awarding institutions in Balochistan by February 22, 2019.    

The centre will comprise of a series of 'affiliated laboratories' at the universities located in the province and will be selected on the basis of demonstrated capability and track record of accomplishments, a problem-orientation – either locally or regionally applicable – and partnerships with leading national institutions and private sector players.

 Other universities, organisations and development partners may also collaborate and submit joint proposals for establishment of the centre.

The initiative is a part of HEC's efforts to resolve water crisis prevailing in Balochistan. Water scarcity has been a serious problem facing different areas of Balochistan. The national water resources are decreasing and the reservoirs are depleting with every passing year. The situation demands rigorous measures for conservation of water resources in the province.

According to reports, 62 per cent of the province lacks safe drinking water. Besides, over 50 per cent area has become uncultivable due to the shortage of water. The problem has caused a great setback to agriculture sector. The situation is feared to lead to a serious drought in the coming years. Prompt measures are required to bring improvement to irrigation infrastructure and water resource management.    


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