Other Information


  • Age between 20 years to 35 years for MS / M.Phil. and 40 years maximum for PhD on or before the application deadline.


  • ​Accommodation at university hostels will be provided by Pakistani universities

Travel Arrangement to Pakistan and return:

  • HEC will reimburse return economy airfare to students of SID States to Pakistan.

Duration of Degree:

  • Six month / Zero Semester language course
  • 24 months MS/MPhil degree program
  • 48 months Doctoral (PhD) program

Dates of Start & Finishing of Degree Programme/Semesters:

Students may commence zero semester from February 2017 to onwards for six month and after completion, they will be enrolled in degree program. If zero semester is not required due to their competence in English language proficiency, they may be directly enrolled in regular degree program (MS/M.Phil & PhD) subject to fulfillment of criteria, as mentioned above. Zero semester must be completed before admission session in Pakistani universities, i.e. Fall session (August-September) or Spring session (February). Summer semester can also be utilized for zero semester in case of fall semester admission in main degree.

Equivalence criteria for degrees:

  • Equivalent to MS/MPhil and PhD programs, in the light of Pakistan Qualification Framework.


After endorsement / NOC issued by HEC, the student would apply for a visa through UNESCO mission / Pakistan Embassy at respective country (SIDS). She or he would submit the following documents:

    1. Student Visa Form
    2. Photocopy of passport
    3. Photographs (08)
    4. All relevant transcripts, diplomas, and other educational documents
    5. Acceptance / Admission letter from the Pakistani university applied to
    6. NOC issued by HEC before visa.
    7. NOC issued by respective Embassy at Islamabad to study in Pakistan
    8.  Any other document if required by the UNESCO mission / Pakistan Embassy at respective country (SIDS).
  1. HEC would notify the enrollment / NOC to concerned university and Ministry for visa endorsement
  2. The visa would be processed through the UNESCO mission to Pakistan Embassy at respective country (SIDS).
  3. The visa, once issued, must be renewed annually, adhering to the country's required/valid security clearance process.

Field of Studies:

A total of 30 scholarships (24 for MS / M.Phil. and 06 for PhD) will be awarded in the field of Water and Climate with breakup of maximum 10 scholarships (07 MS and 03 PhDs) per year.