General FAQS:

  1. Modus Operandi for Raising a query
    1. All of the queries sent to the support email address should be properly addressed with a subject in the email.
    2. Please share your CNIC and screenshot of the error in your email.
    3. Please use 1 email thread for correspondence
    4. We will get back to you within three working days, if not than please send us a reminder over the same thread.
    5. Please don't reply on computer generated emails.
    6. Always mention your assigned application ID for reference please.

  2. If you are getting Service Maintenance Page

This happens when we are doing some deployment, normally we place a maintenance page; but if you are already logged in you may experience an error. Deployment takes around 1 hour and is done in non-working hours. If you are continuously getting the maintenance page message for an hour, please clear your browser cache or change your browser.

3.      If you are getting error 500 or unauthorized access error message

Please use the link eportal.hec.gov.pk. The extra part after .pk/... is creating the issue for you. If the issue persists, please clear your browser cache or change your browser.

4.    If you have forgotten the password or don't have access to your primary email on which the verification code is being sent

Please send us an email at fsarwar@hec.gov.pk with the copy of your original CNIC and we will reset your email. 

 5.    "Ask the System Administrator" error message

This is an idle session time out message. Which means that the session was left idle for 20 Minutes or more. Please refresh your browser and log in again.

6.  My degree program/campus/department is not visible on the academic tab of profile. What should I do?

Please use "Search and Add Missing Degree Program" option to search or add a missing degree program, department in your education tab. The option is available in education tab of your profile. Alternatively, the list of focal person is available on HEC website (http://hec.gov.pk/english/services/universities/pqr/Pages/HEIs-Focal-Persons.aspx).

7.  Date Errors in entering the qualification level

 Your degrees should be added in chorological order.

 8.  File size upload error

 The maximum file size which may be uploaded is 500Kb.

9.  Upload error, Error Retrieving documents, Document creation error, contact server administrator error

 Please wait for 15 minutes before retrying. If the problem persists please clear your browser cache or change your browser.

 10.  I am unable to download the application form print. What should I do?

 Please ensure that the pop-up blocker of your browser is disabled.

 11. I am getting an error "The maximum age criteria does not meet" What should I do?

 Please read the eligibility criteria on the HEC website.

12. The read only fields in the application form shows wrong data

 All the read only fields in the application form are being fetched from your profile. To change these values, you must change these values in your profile. 

13. How do I submit my application?

Submit button is on the last tab of the application form. Please make sure that you hit this button otherwise your application will not be considered.

14. How to check the status of application?

The status of application can be seen on the dashboard screen.

 15.  I am not getting Award Letter

HEC will issue award letter for entitlement of 'HEC Approved Supervisor' first time only. The Re-evaluation cases would not followed by the award letter.

 16.  I am not receiving the response of my Emails

HEC  has provided all guideline/information on website. It is requested to please read the available information first  at our website. Kindly send emails about the issues that are not available at our website.

17. I was approved supervisor previously but currently I am unable to see my name as HEC Approved Supervisor in database.

Ans. HEC has revamped the entire process to become a 'HEC Approved Supervisor' in December 2016 from manual to online system. HEC grant title of approved supervisor for a period of three years. Kindly apply at HEC E portal. Click on URL to apply for HEC Approve Supervisor www.eportal.hec.gov.pk/asa  

18. How can I apply to become an HEC Approved Supervisor?

Ans. All PhD supervisors either already approved via manual system or new applicants are required to register, fill profile and apply on HEC E-portal www.eportal.hec.gov.pk/asa.

19. As per my profile, I am eligible to apply for HEC Approved Supervisor but system restrict me to proceed further.

Ans. Kindly revisit your filled common profile at E Portal. Further, make it sure that the publications detail at Common Profile have been auto filled.  System will not considered any publication that would be filled manually specially for Science & Technological disciplines.

20. I have impact factor publications but system is not recognizing my publications.

Ans. HEC is recognizing and has linked the recognized journals listed at 'Web of Sciences'. Please visit and see the impact factor of your publication on  https://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com . In case of any issue, kindly email on phdsupervisor@hec.gov.pk by mentioning Application ID, CNIC  and enclosing screenshot.

21. Why my application is not being accepted by the system.

Ans. Online Application at Eportal has been designed based on eligibility criteria defined /approved to become HEC Approved Supervisor, therefore, if any applicant is not eligible, the application process would not allow to proceed further. Therefore, it is required to read eligibility criteria carefully and fill the form accordingly.

22. The system is not taking name of my journal.

In case of Science & Technology discipline, please make it sure, it is listed journal ISI web of Knowledge listed journal of the publishing year, and for Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, it must be listed by HEC recognized journal list, or listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Social Science Research, Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and Arts & Humanities Search. If it is available in list and system is not taking the journal name, please send email to HEC IT division as option is available at HEC E Portal at the time of applying.

23. I applied at E-Portal but I am unable to see my name in database.

The process of application will be initiated after receipt of hard copy of application through proper channel along with PhD degree, HEC attested /equivalence certificate issued by HEC.

24. I have recently completed PhD, Can I apply for HEC Approved Supervisor.

Yes, subject to conditions you are meeting basic eligibility criteria and having position of faculty member or researcher at a public or private university or DAI, or position of researcher or scientist at any R&D organization.

25. I have been awarded as HEC Approved Supervisor, either HE Quality Assurance (QA) policy of not supervising PhD students for three years apply on me.

Ans. Any policy devised/implemented by HEC QA division equally apply on entire PhD faculty.

26. I received email of approval previously now HEC is asking for re-apply at E-portal.

Ans. The Supervisor who received just approval email via manual system and could not submit PhD degree (HEC Attested or Equivalence certificate) either HEC or Non-HEC scholars both will be required to apply at E-Portal again by following all procedural formalities.

27. I was assigned login password via manual system but at E-portal, it is not accepting.

Ans, The Login and password issued previously are not accepted. It is required to create a new User ID and password. User manual is available on navigation corner for stepwise guidance please. In case of any issue, kindly send screenshot at our email phdsupervisor@hec.gov.pk  please.

28. I am HEC Scholarship holder, am I required to submit HEC Attested PhD degree.

Ans. All Applicants either HEC or Non HEC Scholars are required to submit the Copy of HEC Attested PhD degree/ HEC PhD Equivalence Certificate along with application form.

29. I was already approved via manual system, am I required to submit HEC Attested PhD degree?

Ans. All Applicants either existing approved supervisors or new applicants are required to upload their HEC Attested PhD degree with ticket number/HEC Equivalence Certificate at HEC E-Portal for further process in any case.

30. At Eportal, system is not accepting my PhD degree attested ticket number

Ans. Kindly contact HEC Attestation division in this regard. You can approach them via HEC Call Centre UAN: 111-119-432(HEC) Or,  0334 - 111 9432(9HEC)

31. My University name/department /PhD discipline is not included in the list at E Portal.

The program may be added by the applicant themselves using "Search and Add missing degree program" option in education tab. You can also 'Direct' your subordinate to lock a ticket in complaint system so that HEC level 1 support engineer may contact the applicant and resolve the issue.

32. I am having PhD degree in English, can I apply against Language & Literature category.

No, English and its related subjects fields will be considered against  'Foreign Language & Literature' only. Simple  'Language & Literature' discipline will only be considered for local languages.

33. E-Portal is not accepting ticket number of my HEC Attested PhD Degree.

HEC E-Portal is linked with HEC Degree Attestation System, it would not fetch the data of HEC attested degrees before 2009.

34. My university/designation has been changed, how can I change university/designation.

Please open your account/dashboard at HEC E-portal and click on option of 'Update Designation' it will update information in HEC database.

Q 35. How can I retain my name as 'HEC Approved PhD supervisor' after completion of  3 years at process portal?

You will receive an email after 3 years requesting you to please submit your Approved Supervisor Application again for Re Evaluation. After successful re-evaluation as per eligibility criteria, your registration period will be further extended for 3 years.