The basic objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. It aims to assist PhD students by pairing them with qualified and experienced faculty members of HEC recognized universities, Degree Awarding Institutions, and R&D organizations.
  2. Ensuring that continues research is carried out with the highest standards of integrity and updated knowledge at par with international standards.
  3. It motivate the PhD faculty for high quality research to be carried out and publish it internationally renowned journals and distinguished it from other PhD faculty.
  4. It provide a platform /database of active researchers holding PhD degree in respective fields.
  5. To effectively and clearly communicate orally and in writing, participate in international conferences, collaborate in international research groups and publish in top ranked international journals.
  6. To be able to hold positions in leading academic and research institutions.
  7. PhD students funded under HEC in-country scholarship programs will work with HEC-Approved Supervisors for three years and it will be extended further for three years after evaluation.