​​Please consider this page as the first resource for answers to queries about scholarships for Undergraduate Programs. If you do not find answers to your questions from the following, please send us email to phebf@hec.gov.pk 

1.  What is Balochistan In / Out and FATA In/Out?

The candidates who have studied at F.Sc (Intermediate level) in the institutions located within the districts of Balochistan or Agency or FRs of FATA fall under the category BALOCHISTAN IN and FATA IN respectively. Those who have studied at F.Sc (Intermediate level) in the institutions outside Balochistan and FATA/FRs fall under BALOCHISTAN OUT and FATA OUT category respectively.

2.  What's distribution of scholarships for Balochistan In / Out and FATA In/Out?

       Balochistan In & FATA In     :           90 % scholarships

      Balochistan Out & FATA Out:          10 % scholarships

90% scholarships will be awarded on population basis to those students, who have done FA/FSc/I.Com/A Level or equivalent from the districts / agencies / FRs of FATA and Balochistan and they will fall under category FATA In and Balochistan In.

10% scholarships will be awarded for Balochistan Out and Fata Out Category.

3.  If I have already cleared the NTS Test (or any other entry Test), would it be necessary to take HEC Test for this Scholarship?

Yes, HEC test is advertised and conducted by HEC for award of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship.

4.  What is the maximum age limit for undergraduate program?

Maximum age limit for undergraduate program is 22 years on closing date of advertisement. No age relaxation will be allowed.

5.  What is the requirement of marks?

For Undergraduate program:

F.A/F.Sc/A- Level or equivalent with minimum 60 % marks.

You cannot apply for scholarship if your percentage is less than the required percentage.

6. Can I get admission in any University / Institute of Pakistan?

No, scholarship will be awarded for Undergraduate studies in HEC recognized public sector Universities/Degree Awarding Institutes or W-category Private Universities of Pakistan.

7. Is online application option available to apply for scholarship?

No, only hard copy of applications will be accepted.(For Undergraduate Program Only)

8.  How long is the scholarship given to undergraduate degree students?

Duration of the scholarship for undergraduate degree students is: 1 year extended up to 4-5 years as per academic performance annually.

9. Is there any scholarship application processing fee?

Rs. 200/- scholarship application processing fee is charged. Original deposit slip/Bank Draft/Pay order/ATM Transfer Slip of Rs.200/- (Non-refundable) as application processing fee in favor of Director General Finance, HEC. Fee can be deposited at Habib Bank limited in Account Number 17427900133401

10What kind of expenses are covered under the Undergraduate scholarship program?

Scholarships Program Covers:

  • Average Tuition Fee and other charges including Hostel Fee up to Rs. 60,000 per semester/year.
  • Living Allowance of Rs. 6,000 per month with Rs. 500 annual increment.
  • Book Allowance of Rs. 5,000 per Annum.
  • Traveling Allowance of Rs. 5,000 per Annum.
  • ​Initial Settlement Allowance of Rs. 10,000 (Once during total study period).

11. How candidates will be shortlisted &what is the percentage of academic and HEC test for Undergraduate programs?

Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of Aptitude Test (conducted by HEC) score and Academic credentials scores. Academic record will have 50% weightage and Aptitude test conducted by HEC will have 50% weightage for undergraduate programs.

12. I have done O-levels & A-levels do I need IBCC equivalence certificate?

Yes, equivalence certificates will be required for scholarship.

13. How many Scholarships are available for undergraduate program in (Each Batch)?

There are 500 Scholarships available. The scholarship distribution ratio for the students of Balochistan & FATA is 50:50.

14. I am already availing financial assistance/scholarship from university/institution. Am I eligible for this scholarship?

No, the students already availing financial assistance/scholarship from any universities/institutions are not eligible to apply.

15. Can I apply for nomination against HEC reserved seats for the students of Balochistan and FATA?

The main objective of this project is to provide scholarship (financial benefits) however, HEC has limited reserved seats in various disciplines in Public Sector Universities/Institutes for HEC scholars of Balochistan and FATA.

Those candidates, who failed to get admission in Public Sector Universities through normal channel (open merit / any other reserved seat) will be considered for nomination against reserved seats. It is obligatory that the candidate has tried to get admission through normal channel (open merit / any other reserved seat) before submitting a request for placement against reserved seat.

16. I was selected for undergraduate program in Batch – II. Am I eligible to apply for Batch - III?

No, students already availing any HEC/ Government scholarship are not eligible to apply.

17. What is the criteria for placement on HEC reserve seats?

Placement on HEC reserve seats will be distributed 50:50 both for Balochistan and FATA on open merit. Those who are already enrolled in medical colleges and engineering universities will not be considered for reserved seats.

18. How many reserve seats are there in engineering discipline?

There are 39 reserved seats for engineering discipline which will be will be distributed 50:50 both for Balochistan and FATA on open merit. For those scholars only who are not already enrolled in any engineering university.

19. How many reserve seats are there in medical discipline?

Reserve seats in medical discipline will be will be distributed 50:50 both for Balochistan and FATA on open merit as per prevailing policy at the time of selection.​

20.  Can the result-awaiting students apply for Scholarship?

Yes, they can apply. For this they must submit hope Certificate duly signed & stamped by head of institute & Detailed Mark Sheet of 1st year.​