Terms & conditions

1. Financial Assistance Forms / Application forms are available to download from this webpage or relevant university website. These forms are further submitted to the Financial Aid offices / Focal Persons of the relevant university.


2. Data received from "Financial Assistance Form" and supporting documents of the potential candidate are reviewed by Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC).

3. ISAC which includes members from the institution as well as external community, is headed by the Vice Chancellor of the participating institution who would ensure the impartiality and transparency of the process.

4. The ISAC recommends potential candidates to HEC Scholarship Management Committee (SMC).

5. The recommended cases are presented to Scholarship Management Committee (SMC) that approves the cases after thorough review.

6. The SMC includes top Executives of HEC, representatives from the participating institutions, eminent scholars and a senior member from Embassy of France, Islamabad, Pakistan.

7. After finalization of awardees’ list, the scholarship fund for the selected students is transferred to participating institutions for onward disbursement to students.


* For Phase - II (2013-14) same terms and conditions are applicable.