Progress & Achievements


Applications were invited for  fiscal year 2019-20 as 'IPFP Fellows' in all areas of study/disciplines under the programme IPFP (Phase-II). Deadline for the close of application was November 28, 2019. A total numbers of 611 eligible applicants submitted the applications along with requisite documents for further process.

  • HEC has taken a pre-assessment of Teaching and Research Aptitude as a first step before proceeding for National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) training on 26th January 2020. 
  • The result of pre-assessment will be declared in due course of time.
  • Based on results of the pre-training assessment, HEC would plan to conduct One Month training.
  • Please note Pre- Assessment is mandatory for evaluation and organizing the formal training sessions.

  • HEC will share the list of eligible applicants with Public Sector Universities soon. It is requested to please coordinate with universities for placement please. However, NAHE training will be mandatory for all applicants as per Commission decision. HEC will share the results of the pre-assessment and post-assessment with the universities.


As per HEC record 4,337 fresh Ph.Ds. were accommodated under IPFP since 2009 till June 2019. HEC gathered data of employment status from universities /DAIS after IPFP placement in April 2019. It was observed that:

  • 74.64 % IPFP placed PhD faculty members were absorbed either in same or other universities/DAIs,
  • 12.73 % did not completed One year tenure either resigned/left IPFP and opted other options.
  • Only 12.63 % IPFP faculty members could not be placed after completion of their ONE year period.