Dr. Mayida Azhar

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Dr. Mayida Azhar was awarded scholarship on August 25th, 2011 from University of Cambridge, UK under the project titled 'Overseas Scholarship for MS/MPhil Leading to PhD in selected field Phase-II". After completion of PhD degree, she started Post-Doc and did not fulfill her moral, ethical and legal obligation to serve in Pakistan for a period of 5 years. Her scholarship has been cancelled by Competent authority and an amount of GBP 58,125/-, and PKR 56,555/- is to be refunded by her to HEC.


Till date she did not refund any amounts which makes her defaulter of the Govt. of Pakistan. 

Legal proceedings have been started regarding recovery through the Court of Law.

Important information of Dr. Mayida Azhar:-


NameDr. Mayida Azhar
Father's nameMuhammad Azhar Qadeer
CNIC #33303-5360759-8
Guarantor's nameMuhammad Azhar Qadeer
CNIC no of Guarantor33303-5091395-9
Cause of cancellation of scholarshipAfter completion of PhD she started Post-Doc
Amount to be refundedGBP 58,125/-, and PKR 56,555/-
Current StatusCurrently the case is in the Court of Law for Recovery.