Dr. Muhammad Usman Anwer

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Dr. Muhammad Usman Anwer was awarded scholarship in 2008 by Government of Pakistan for the University of Cologne, Germany under the project titled 'Overseas Scholarship for MS/MPhil Leading to PhD in selected field Phase-II". After completion of PhD degree, he did not report back as per agreement and did not fulfill his moral, ethical and legal obligation to serve in Pakistan for a period of 5 years which he and his guarantor agreed before start of Scholarship. His scholarship has been cancelled by Competent authority and he has to refund Euro 60,802/- and Rs. 74,125- to Government of Pakistan, however, till-to-date despite of multiple requests, he did not refund any amounts which makes him defaulter of the Govt. of Pakistan.

Important information of Dr. Muhammad Usman Anwer are; 

Name Muhammad Usman Anwer
Father's nameMuhammad Anwer Waseem
CNIC no of Mr. Haroon Naeem33100-9409892-3
Guarantor's nameMr. Alla ud Din
CNIC no of Guarantor33103-0632341-3
Cause of cancellation of scholarshipAfter completion of PhD he did not return and serve in Pakistan despite of written agreement with Government of Pakistan
Amount to be refundedEuro 60,802/- and Rs. 74,125
Current StatusCurrently the case is in the Court of Law for Recovery.