UCAS & CAS Institutes

The following information is for the students to know concrete steps to apply for scholarships for studying at UCAS:


  • The applicants who wish to apply for PhD or Master's program in the field of Earth Sciences are requested to fill in the Pre-Assessment Application Form (See "Annex 1") and submit it to CPJRC together with a copy of your passport ID page, CV, bachelor/master degree certificates, bachelor/master transcripts, proof of English and/or Chinese knowledge, detailed research proposal, title pages and abstracts of published papers (if any) and 2 reference letters before 28 February, 2021.

Focal Points:

  1. Dr. Su Fenghuan, fhsu@imde.ac.cn;
  2. Prof. Hong Tianhua, hongth@aircas.ac.cn


  • To know more about the supervisors and their research fields, please consult Annex 2. Applicants need to contact the supervisors and get their consent before submitting application documents.
  • CPJRC will select 20 best qualified candidates among the applicants and recommend them to UCAS for ANSO Scholarship. A Panel of Pre-Assessment will be set up to review all the application documents, interview the potential candidates if necessary and make decisions on the recommendation before 15 March, 2021.
  • UCAS will examine all the applications, make final decisions and inform the applicants of the results via CPJRC in due time.

Annex 1: Applicant Pre-assessment Form

Annex 2: List of Supervisors and Relevant Information