USTC Scholarships

USTC was established by CAS in 1958, is a research university ranking among the top 100 universities in the world. In 2020, USTC was ranked 80th by Times Higher Education, and 89th by QS. The university places the emphasis on innovation and international collaboration at all levels of teaching and research. USTC prides itself on cutting-edge technology and talent development, and 12 of its disciplines are on the list of the world's TOP 50 ARWU Subject Rankings 2019, particularly Physics, Material Science, Chemistry, and Engineering, which are ranked top 0.1% disciplines by the ESI. USTC welcomes students from all over the world to visit and study. All its PhD programs are in English. USTC also has some Master's Degree Programs totally in English such as Geophysics, MBA, and MPA.

Under the umbrella of CAS and HEC, CPJRC is now collaborating with USTC on inviting Pakistani students and scholars to apply for studying at USTC in the fields of Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Material Science, and Management Science. A Panel of Pre-Assessment Experts is set up to review application documents, have interviews with applicants, and recommend about 20 of the best candidates to USTC for scholarship competition. Selected applicants will be enrolled at USTC as full time PhD/MS students under scholarships.

  • For general idea about scholarship opportunities at USTC, please visit;

  • Browse the webpage and get a general idea of USTC.
  • Get access to the webpage below and read the general background information for international students:
  • For those who want to apply for PhD and master's programs in USTC, please check information in the following webpage:
  • Find an eligible professor (Annex-3) of your interest and contact him/her directly by sending him/her your statement together with your CV, research proposal and any other required documents, and indicate that you wish to apply for PhD or MS Program of USTC.
  • Fill in the Pre-Assessment Application Form (Annex-4) and submit it to CPJRC together with a copy of your passport ID page, CV, bachelor/master degree certificates, bachelor/master transcripts, proof of English and/or Chinese language, detailed research proposal, title pages and abstracts of published papers (if any) and 2 reference letters before 15th March, 2020.
  • The Panel of Pre-assessment Experts will review all the application documents, have interviews with the potential candidates and recommend about 20 of the best candidates to USTC for scholarship competition and inform them to submit formal application documents (including applications for admission and scholarships) via online system to USTC before the deadline, 31 March, 2020.
  • USTC will examine all the applications, make final decisions and inform the applicants of the results via CPJRC in due time.

Where to send Application:

Prof. Hong Tianhua,

China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre on Earth Sciences (CPJRC),

Department of Earth Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan