Selection Process & Procedures

Selection Process

After initial scrutiny of applications by the project office, the eligible applications will be forwarded online to reviewers/ experts for evaluation as per "Assessment Proforma". The experts will be requested to assess applications in first three sections of the proforma.

In order to streamline the assessment process, "Evaluation Guidelines" will be observed. On receipt of online assessment, the same will be reviewed by project office. The applicants recommended by subject experts will be shortlisted for interview. 

The shortlisted applicants will appear before the panel of reviewers for award of fellowship or otherwise. The members will have the power to re-assess an applicant in previous sections in case the candidate fails to convincingly present his/her case.

Grievances Procedure

In the circumstances, where the applicant is not selected for award of fellowship, the individual may submit a written "Notice of Grievance" to the Project Office, Human Resource Development Division, Higher Education Commission within Seven (07) days of result being announced.

The notice will be submitted via email along with all the essential evidences of the case for re-evaluation of the case and necessary clarifications from concerned quarters.

If the competent authority (Advisor HRD) approves that the application has been evaluated fairly and ample justification exists for rejection of appeal, the notice will be disposed off and decision will be communicated with reasons and justifications.

If the applicant still requests re-evaluation of his/her application. S/he will be required to submit re-evaluation fee of Rs 10,000/- . The Project office will assign new experts for evaluation of the same application and proceed as per section 5 above with fresh evaluation. If the outcome of second assessment also results in rejection of the application, the decision will be final and no further representation will be entertained.

Change of Host University/ supervisor for selected post doc fellow

The change can be allowed provided the new host university is at the same or higher ranking (QS world ranking of the same year) than the old university for which he/she was selected before departure of candidate.

If the offer from host institution expires, the candidate can provide another invitation letter from same or higher ranking foreign university (QS world ranking of the same year) within 60 days of grant of permission. After expiry of this period the offer will stand withdrawn.

After departure, change of university or supervisor will only be possible in case the supervisor has passed away or has moved to another institute. The ranking of new host institution should not be lower than original university in this case as well. The change will be allowed with the approval of Advisor HRD.

The new host university and supervisor will confirm that the same research will be carried out (the research title will be mentioned in the letter). The parent organization will also provide "No Objection Certificate" to change of host university/supervisor.