Terms & Conditions
  1. Selected scholars will have to ensure that entire research is carried out abroad. They have to be physically present in the same University/department for which approval is granted.
  2. The minimum duration for stay abroad is nine months. The selected scholar cannot come back to Pakistan during fellowship period except with prior permission from HEC.
  3. In case the scholar returns back to Pakistan without completing nine months of the postdoctoral  fellowship at host university/institute and without obtaining prior permission from HEC, the foreign stipend will not be admissible. HEC reserves the right to adjust/recover any advance payment or initiate legal proceedings, as the case may be.
  4. The person availing the fellowship would be required to sign a surety bond co-signed by a guarantor requiring him/her to return to Pakistan on completion of post-doctoral fellowship and serve in the university/institution/organization in Pakistan for a period of three (03) years.
  5. Only the shortlisted applicants has to send the printed copies of online application form along with all required documents "Through Proper Channel". Forwarding of an application by the employer would be binding for the employer to release the candidate on selection to avail post-doctoral fellowship for the maximum one year period.
  6. Submit a clearly written research proposal outlining how he/she intends to satisfy at least 2 of the 5 outcomes/deliverables identified below:
    • Production of Books/Manuscripts for Publication
    • Production of Papers in Peer Reviewed High Impact Factor Journals
    • Creation of Funded Research Linkages and Collaborations
    • Access to equipment and high impact research collaborators not available in Pakistan
    • Creation and Introduction of New Programmes and Courses in Pakistan..
  7. Post-Doctoral Fellowship application will be processed on the basis of online information/data provided by the applicants and in case of any error/omission and misrepresentation, HEC reserves the right to reject the applicant at any stage.