GCF/LCF 2021 Capacity Building Workshops

Recorded session YouTube Links along with details of our GCF & LCF 2021 Capacity Building Trainings. 

Program Design and Structure:

The capacity building program aims to train both researchers shortlisted to submit proposals under the Grand Challenge Fund and the Local Challenge Fund (GCF & LCF) and a pool of reviewers for assessing those proposals.

The capacity development program has been designed to ensure that researchers are able to develop proposals in line with the purpose of GCF & LCF and its proposal template, and reviewers are able to assess research proposals according to the GCF & LCF assessment rubric.

To ensure that the program upgrades each researcher's and reviewer's capacity to produce and assess proposals, respectively, relevant to their research specialty and expertise, subject matter experts from relevant institutions have been engaged, associated with each thematic research area under the GCF & LCF, to lead subject-specific capacity building sessions for each research category.

Capacity Building for Researchers:

The capacity development program for researchers has been designed to build their capacity to provide robust information on, broadly, the following points:

  • The grand & local challenges being addressed and the need for it in line with thematic research areas
  • Project rationale, including literature review and approach to the challenge
  • Practical and research contribution of the proposed project as outputs, outcomes, and impact
  • The implementation plan and research sub-projects under the grand & local challenge projects
  • Institutional, research, funding, and implementing partners in the project, and current resources/facilities available for the project
  • Risks associated with the project and proposed risk mitigation/management strategy

Capacity Building for Reviewers:

The capacity development program for reviewers has been designed to build their capacity to assess research proposals broadly in the following areas:

  • Relevance of proposal
  • Proposal background, research plan, and contribution potential
  • Project team and partnerships
  • Resources and risk


All the Capacity Building Workshops are to be held online.

Kindly join these sessions online at Zoom link  https://hec-gov-pk.zoom.us/j/94740040971

Schedule of GCF & LCF Capacity Building Trainings

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Understanding Grand & Local Challenges

What is and what is not a grand challenge & definition of local challenges?

The current National grand challenges.

7 September 20215:30-8 pm

Moderator: Omer J. Ghani
Panel Speakers:

Dr. Graham Harrison

Dr Kauser Malik

Dr Prof Ihtesham ur Rehman

Session Recording

Framing Research Projects as Grand & Local Challenge Projects

Frame research challenges as grand challenges by focusing on the bigger questions

8 September 20215:30-7:30 pm

Moderator: Omer J. Ghani

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Yasir Ayaz

Dr Attaullah

Dr. Mazar Iqbal

Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta

Session Recording

Designing Grand & Local Challenge Projects

What is a theory of change?

10 September 20215:30-7:30 pm

Moderator: Omer J. Ghani

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Yasir Nawab - NTU

Dr. Momin  Uppal - LUMS

Dr. Sarosh H. Lodi - NED

Session Recording

Designing Grand & Local Challenge Projects

Mapping Your Project Plan for Researchers

Assessing multiple project plans for reviewers


Teaming up for a Grand & Local Challenge
What does an ideal GCF & LCF team look like?

How can you find implementation partners for your project?

15 September 20215:30-7:30 pm

Moderator: Omer J. Ghani

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Kashif Kifayat– Air University

Dr. Haider Abbas- MCS NUST

Dr Kauser Malik – FCCU

Dr. Sara Rizvi Jafree -


Dr. Shahid Majeed – UAF

Session Recording

 Budget & Resources for a Grand & Local Challenge
Build and assess a project budget and required resources


Evaluating Risks & Managing a GCF & LCF Project
Evaluate risks associated with a project, from the angle of execution, timing, budgeting, society, and environment

How large-scale projects are led and managed


September 2021

5-7:30 pm

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudry - Pakistan Nuclear Society + HEC Panel Chair Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Dr. Yasir Nawab- NTU

Omer J. Ghani

Session Recording
6Global Grand Challenge Funds – Learnings,  Best Practices & Ethics of Research Proposal and Grant Writing
"Learnings & Best Practices" session from GCF & LCF 2020 Capacity Building Workshops
21  September 20215-7:30 pm

Moderator: Omer J. Ghani

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sara Rizvi Jafree–


Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta - Agha Khan University

Dr Vaqas Ali

Session Recording


For follow-up queries please email our Program Specialist R&D HEDP

Mr. Omer Jawed Ghani

Email:                  ojghani@hec.gov.pk

Mobile:               +92-332-444-1977