FPDP Objectives


  • To train teachers about their responsibilities and duties towards the teaching profession.
  • To produce professional teachers who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding, practical skills, competencies, and commitment necessary to teach at high national standards.
  • To introduce teachers to a variety of innovative teaching methods, using case studies, problem based learning, simulation teaching techniques etc.
  • To promote the knowledge and implementation of curriculum in classroom settings.
  • To enable teachers to select, construct and use assessment strategies to monitor student learning.
  • To enable teachers to improve their management skills, and utilize them in the classroom setting.
  • To develop teachers' research skills so that they can contribute to the existing knowledge in their respective fields.
  • To strengthen teachers' communication skills
  • To enable teachers to impart quality education and knowledge to their students.



  • To equip Master Trainers with in-depth knowledge to run the CPDC Training Centre.
  • To help Master Trainers to solve the problems evolved in implementing trainings.
  • To get feedback by Master Trainers to identify the difficulties faced by Master Trainers in conducting training programs.
  • To get feedback from Master Trainers regarding the development of Continuous Professional Development Centres at their respective institutions.