Reimbursement Procedure
  • After making the expense, Universities will be able to submit and reimburse expenses as per HEC's travel grants policy.
  • Reimbursement claim should be filed within the same financial year as the event.
  • University must attach the following with the reimbursement forms:
    • Used air ticket/e-ticket bearing the cost of the ticket,
    • Original boarding pass counterfoil,
    • Original receipt for payment of registration fee of the event bearing the grantee's name and the actual amount,
    • Original receipt of payment for accommodation bearing the grantee's name, duration of stay and the actual amount.
Reimbursement Requirements:
  • Duly filled Reimbusement Forms are required to be submitted on relevant prescribed pro-forma i.e.:
  • Travel Grant Reimbusement Form for Paper Presentation (in seminar, conference, workshop and symposium):
    • Duly filled Reimbusement pro-forma, along with supporting documents, should reach HEC at least 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the end of the financial year.

Note: Late and incomplete Reimbusement will not be considered.

Following documents should be enclosed with the Reimbusement Pro-forma:

For Oral Presentation of Paper:

  1. Letter of Acceptance/Invitation or email from the organizer in which the mode of presentation (oral/poster) has been clearly mentioned.
  2. Documentary evidence indicating that your abstract/paper has been accepted based upon peer-review by the technical committee of the event.
  3. Documentary evidence indicating that abstract / paper would be published in Book of Abstracts/ Proceedings/Journals for the conference etc.
  4. Copy of conference brochure containing aims, objectives and themes, charges of registration and accommodation etc.
  5. Full-text paper (both hard and soft copies).
  6. NOC from the principal author (in case the applicant is co-author).
  7. CV of the applicant along with the  list  of  recent  publications (2-3 pages)

Additional documents required for poster presentation:

  • List of applicant's publications indicating previous publication record.

Additional documents required in case of non-teaching staff of university/DAI:

  • Copy of job certificate indicating applicant's designation, department, job description and date of appointment / posting along with Copy of MS/MPhil/PhD Degree