HEC Distinguished National Professors (DNP)

HEC has been acknowledging achievements of the eminent professors in the country and enabling continued utilization of their services in national organizations through the Distinguished National Professor (DNP) program, since 2003.

Recently, the existing framework of the program has been reviewed with an aim to create a more meaningful impact of the program i.e. improved academic quality. Emphasis has been given to increase the tenure of the selected distinguished professors and the eligibility criteria and evaluation parameters have been revised with the purpose to establish that the nominee is a person of international eminence and that he or she is active in their field and would be able to make significant contributions to the educational vision of the university.

Purpose and Principles

For the purposes of recognizing the achievements of outstanding academicians and researchers, and for enabling the continued utilization of their services in national organizations, the title of Distinguished National Professor (DNP) shall be awarded to scholars who are leaders in their respective fields and who have made significant contributions to their academic disciplines at national and international level.

DNP is a prestigious title and an exceptional honor, which shall be awarded solely on the basis of merit as assessed against prescribed eligibility criteria and upon the recommendation of a high level selection committee constituted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates shall be evaluated on their excellence in teaching, research, academic leadership, and contributions at national and international levels. Emphasis would be placed on quality and impact, rather than quantity. The following indicators will be used in this regard:


1.National & International Level Contributions20 %
2.Services to Community 15 %
3.Research (Articles/Books published) 15 %
4.Mentorship (PhD graduates' supervision)10 %
5.Research Grants10 %
6.Recognition (Awards)10 %
7.Engagement (Memberships)10 %
8.Endorsement (Referee reports)10 %


Please see the "Revised Framework of Distinguished National Professor (DNP)" in the "Downloads" section for further details on the above indicators, eligibility criteria, application procedure and terms & conditions of the program.

How to Apply

  • Nominations are invited from Universities/DAIs across the country for the Distinguished National Professor. The nomination proforma and procedure for submission of applications are available in the "Downloads" section below.
  • Ten copies/sets of the complete dossier of the nominee must be submitted to HEC by 10th December, 2021. The dossier must include the nomination proforma and all other required documents as mentioned in the DNP Framework and Procedure (see "Downloads").


Muhammad Tufail Qureshi

Assistant Director (Academics)

Faculty Affairs Division

Higher Education Commission

Sector H-9, Islamabad


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