Eligibility Criteria


1. Who can write?

This scheme is open for researchers and faculty members from HEC recognized public, private universities and R&D organizations across the country.

2. What topics can be covered?

Authors can choose from a diverse range of topics (keeping in view the HEC approved curricula) in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Agriculture, Engineering and Health Sciences. Writers can also choose to work on new and emerging fields such as IT, Robotics and Biotechnology.

3.  How to submit the proposals?

Interested authors who meet the eligibility criteria available on the website may submit theirs proposals (Soft & Hard copy only one) along with the following required documents to the Director Library, Higher Education Commission, H-9, Islamabad:

  • Proposal submission form
  • Bio data form
  •  Outline for Proposal writing (textbook & monograph writing)
  •  Two (2) sample chapters
  • Table of contents
  • C.V
  • Similarity index certificate (generated in Turnitin) that should be less than 19%.

 ​4.  What support does the HEC provide?

a)            Writing remuneration: The author is paid remuneration equivalent to Rs.100,000/- for a textbook(250-350 pages)for the M.A. /M.Sc. and Rs. 80,000/- at bachelor level. A writer aspiring to write a monograph at M.A./ M.Sc. level (150-250 pages) will be paid remuneration of Rs.80,000/ and Rs.70,000/- for monograph prepared for the B.A./B.Sc. students (150-250 pages). In case a monograph or a textbook is written by two or more authors, the remuneration will be distributed equally among them.


b)            Publication of writing: The Higher Education Commission will publish 500 copies of each monograph / textbook.  A hundred (100) copies will be provided to the author free of cost. 300 copies will be distributed as gratis amongst central libraries, departmental libraries of universities and post-graduate colleges of the public sector wherein the concerned subject is taught. The remaining 100 copies will be maintained in HEC for sale on individual demand of institutions, teachers and students that may also be delivered to the universities if needed.