Publication Procedure

Six key steps are followed during the application and approval process as part of this scheme:

Step One: The writer must develop a book project proposal. The proposal must include a rationale of the project, its research plan, its relevance to the subject taught and its expected market. In the case of a university teacher, the proposal must be officially certified by the Vice-Chancellor/rector/president of the concerned university/intitute/organization. The certified proposal must then be sent to the Director Library HEC for its further processing.​

Step Two: The proposal is reviewed at the Higher Education Commission and the author is subsequently informed about its acceptance or rejection. All administrative requirements are fully observed before starting the review process. After evaluation of the documents, If the case is not qualified for review process due to shortage of documents or any other reason, the writer may or may not be informed about it.

Step Three: The proposal with two chapters, outlines and table of contents is then referred to two/three subject specialists for evaluation. These subject specialists are selected from universities/institutions other than the one from where the author belongs.

Step Four: Once the subject specialists approved the synopsis / textbook outline, two chapters then the authors are issued award letter to write the manuscript keeping in view the subject specialists' comments, with a time limit of 6 months. 

Step Five: The writen manuscript is sent to HEC by the author for a final comprehensive review and evaluation. 

Step Six: Upon clearance given by the subject specialists after evaluation of manuscript, the monograph / textbook is accepted by HEC wherein it is processed for printing otherwise rejected if rejected by the reviewers.