Terms and Conditions

  • Advertisement will be floated in daily newspapers and author/s will be asked to get their textbooks published from any one of the following international publishers:
    1. Taylor & Francis
    2. McGraw Hill
    3. Pearson
    4. Oxford University Press
  • Author may contact directly with any one of the above-mentioned publishers, for the publication of his/her textbook.
  • Author may submit his/her published textbook to HEC with required documents.
  • HEC will get review of the textbook from panel of experts. If comments of HEC reviewers' team are commendable, up to the mark as per criteria of HEC and if recommended for funding by the reviewers, then HEC will support financial incentive to the author as per rules.
  • Textbook not recommended by the panel of experts will be rejected.
  • Maximum three names of authors are allowed to be published on the textbook and whole payment will be made to the principal author. 
  • HEC will give financial incentive Rs. 1,000,000/ at Bachelor/Master/Doctorate level textbook.
  • HEC will accept the textbook for evaluation and funding that must have at least 250 pages.
  • HEC may develop and organize textbook writing courses through NAHE in consultation with reputed national and international publishers.