Offer for Associate Fellowship of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), Advance HE, UK

National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) is the national institution for capacity building of faculty in the higher education sector and its recognition through national and international certifications and Fellowships awarded by professional bodies. One of the initiatives in this regard is the opening of Associate Fellowship Program for eligible faculty serving at public sector higher education institutions (HEIs).This Fellowship Program is being launched in collaboration with Advance HE, UK under the Pak-UK Education Gateway Project. The aim of this internationally recognized Advance HE Fellowship is to recognize faculty who engage in innovation, effectiveness, and excellence in teaching and learning.

In the recent past, this fellowship was only offered to the IPFP Fellows duly trained by the NAHE through its National Faculty Development Program however now this opportunity is being extended to the eligible faculty serving at public sector HEIs. Fellowship in teaching and learning demonstrates a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education and offers the fellowship awardees a distinct professional standing.

Advance HE Fellowship offers the eligible faculty at public sector HEIs an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to professional practices in HEIs in Pakistan in teaching and learning excellence and get acknowledged for the their commitment aligned with the internationally recognized  UK Professional Standards Framework . By applying to become an Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), the aspirants will have the Fellowship that helps them:

  • consolidate personal development and evidence of professional practice in their teaching career
  • demonstrate commitment to teaching, learning, and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection, and development
  • be part of a group of scholars around the world with demonstrated excellence in teaching and learning in their career
  • advance their teaching career in higher education sector at national and international level

About Advance HE, UK

There are now over 140,000 Fellows recognised by the Advance HE Fellowship Scheme worldwide. Advance HE is a global not-for-profit charity headquartered in the UK. Using their expertise and sharing best practice, they work to improve higher education for all. Advance HE is experts in governance, leadership development, teaching and learning enhancement, and equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Advance HE works with governments, sector agencies and a range of HE institutions worldwide to support sustainable improvement, share global best practice and build international networks. They have delivered national-level projects on academic leadership, on teaching development and staff recognition, on quality assurance and on employability in a number of countries across the world, including Pakistan.

Message from Alison Johns
Chief Executive, Advance HE

"I am delighted that graduates of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme will have the opportunity to apply for recognition as Advance HE Associate Fellows. Our Fellowship programme recognises those that teach and support learning in higher education worldwide, with over 140,000 Fellowships in 99 different countries now being awarded. Associate Fellowship allows a person to reflect on how they support student learning and has been shown to have benefits for the applicants, their institutions and their students. This is an excellent opportunity for IPFP participants to achieve this global recognition, and I am delighted that we can work with the British Council, the Higher Education Commission and National Academy of Higher Education to support this."