National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE)

The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) is an apex body that will lead a broader national discourse around the quality, purpose, and policy in higher education; and will foster and promote the development of high quality human capital to achieve academic excellence. It will be a centre of excellence for capacity building, skill development, and promotion of academic and leadership competencies through setting standards, cultivating academic quality, and advancing relevant research in collaboration with HEIs, industry, and social sector.


The overall aim of the National Academy of Higher Education will be to enhance the quality of teaching, learning, and research; and governance and academic leadership in higher education institutions (HEIs).

Specific aims will include:

Developing and promoting academic and governance and leadership competencies of HEI faculty and management.

Conducting and promoting research/action research on capacity building

Providing support for the establishment of institutions and/or programmes focusing on capacity building of faculty and management of HEIs.

Creating and promoting sustainable partnerships with international development agencies, NGOs, civil society and social organizations

Providing inputs to the HEC for relevant policy development.


NAHE's functions will include:

Designing and delivering generic and need-based capacity building and training programmes in teaching and research for faculty, and academic governance and leadership for faculty and management.

In partnership with HEIs, developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as Continuing Education requirements for faculty and management of HEIs.

Providing training on: (a) designing and implementing online courses, (b) creating communities of practices (online forums), and (c) developing the role of alumni in networking and mentoring for teaching/learning.

Developing systems to monitor and regulate standards of similar capacity building institutions and/or programmes.

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