Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must have completed his/her PhD degree within two years from the SRGP application date.
  • Applicant must been a faculty member of a Public or Private University/DAI eligible for public funding as per HEC accreditation list.
  • Applicant must have joined the University/Institute as Assistant Professor on Tenure Track System (TTS), Interim Placement of Fresh PhD (IPFP), Basic Pay Scale (BPS) or long term regular contract (minimum one year period)
  • A faculty member on IPFP or contract needs to apply for Start-up Research Grant within 3 months of his/her joining as while the faculty member joining on TTS or BPS may submit his/her application within 6 months.
  • A faculty member on IPFP who could not submit an application for Start-up Research Grant may apply for this upon joining as Assistant Professor on TTS, BPS or regular contract.
  • Start-up Research Grant will be provided to the applicant only once.
  • A faculty member whose application for SRGP has been rejected once cannot apply again.
  • HEC scholarship defaulters (foreign and indigenous) are not eligible for this grant.