How to Apply


1.       The applicant will fill the application on the prescribed form listed below. Once completed, the applicant must send it to the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) of his/her university. If such an office does not exist, the applicant must submit the form to the university's Director Research.

2.       The research proposal must have clearly defined objectives and methodology. The time frame of the research activity must not exceed one year.

3.       The applicant must note that he/she has only one chance to submit the Start-up Research Grant.

4.       The application form must be filled in very carefully and be complete in all respects.

5.       The applicant must attach the following documents with the application:

  1. CVs of Principal Investigator (PI) and Co- Principal Investigator (Co-PI)
  2. A copy of the PhD degree of PI (English translation if original is in other language)
  3. A copy of the appointment letter of PI
  4. A copy of the CNIC of the PI
  5. Quotation for permanent equipment of worth more than Rs. 100,000 or above.
  6. List of expandable supplies with complete detail of chemicals.

6.       Incomplete applications will be rejected and the applicant will not have a chance to resubmit.

7.       After submission, HEC will communicate the decision on the application.

8.       Successful applicant will have to submit a Deed Agreement on Non Judicial Stamp Paper 

9.       Funds will be released upon submission of Deed Agreement.

10.    Kindly ensure the HOD comments and stock register entries with mid term and final reports.              No report will be entertained without HOD comments and stock register entries.

11.    The cases approved before 31st Dec,2015 must submit a mid term report as per the format                   available on website.

12.    All the cases approved after 1st Jan,2016 must submit the final report only, ensuring the stock             register entries of the purchases made and HOD comments

13.    Only 1 original copy of research application, mid term report and final report  is required for                  process. No need to send 3 copies of the said documents.

 Applications will be submitted to:  

Ms. Uzma Naz

Deputy Director, Research & Development

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan,

H-9, Islamabad.




Supporting Documents

Application Fo​rm - SRGP​

Mid-Term Progress Report (for SRGP Old Cases)

Final Progress Report for Start-up Research Pr​oject​

Completion Certificate 

Policy Document

Specimen Contract for Financial Assistance under SRGP