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Financial Layout

The maximum limit of the Start-up Research Grant is Rs. 500,000. Applicants may request the following items and activities as part of the proposal:

Lab Equipment/Machines/Apparatus: 

This may include necessary lab equipment, machines and apparatus to carry out the research. The applicant will have to justify the procurement of equipment in the context of his/her research proposal. The applicant will have to submit the quotation from a vendor to justify the cost of the apparatus. The financial limit stated above will be taken into consideration.

Chemicals/Glassware/Lab Consumables/Accessories: 

The applicant may propose chemicals, glassware, lab consumables and allied accessories for lab use keeping in view the nature of the research project. The applicant will have to attach a list of the items (along with quantity and cost) with the proposal.

Field Visits: 

The applicant may include the cost of field visits in the proposal. This may include travel cost by air or by road, POL to official vehicle, rent a car service etc. The maximum limit under this head is Rs. 10,000 depending upon the nature of the project.

​Sample Analysis: 

The applicant may include cost of the sample analysis if the necessary analytical facilities are not available within the host university. The applicant needs to mention the number of samples to be analyzed and the name of the service provider institution. For guidance please review HEC Access to Scientific Instrument Policy at the HEC website. The maximum limit under this head is Rs. 75,000.

Computer, Printer etc.: 

The applicant may include Laptop, Computer, and Printer for lab and personal use. This facility may not be available to scholars/faculty members who have received a laptop under any government or university schemes (PM Laptop Scheme, CM Laptop Scheme, etc.) within the last two years. They may also procure a printer and scanner if required. The maximum limit is Rs. 60,000 – 75,000 for a PC/laptop and Rs. 20,000 – 35,000 for a printer. The total limit under this head is Rs. 100,000.


The applicant may propose to hire the services of one final year BSc/BA student or MSc/MA student for a maximum period of 6 months to work in the research project. The students will be paid Rs. 10,000 per month in case of final year BSc/BA and Rs. 15,000 per month in case of MSc/MA student.

Office/Lab Furniture: 

Lab and/or office furniture may be procured with a maximum limit of Rs. 25,000.


The applicant may propose stationery for office use with a maximum limit of Rs. 20,000.


The PI and Co PI will be entitled to receive an honorarium at a rate of Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000 respectively once for the duration of the project


The applicant may propose contingencies/unforeseen expenditure up to Rs. 10,000.

What is not covered: 

  • Procurement of Refrigerator, chiller, UPS, digital camera, multimedia and air-conditioner is not allowed.
  • The costs of publication and travel for presenting a paper at an academic event or organizing an academic event is not covered under the grant. HEC has separate programs for this purpose.