Terms and Conditions

Start-up Research Grant is available only once to the fresh Ph.D. degree holder upon joining as faculty member in public sector and private sector university eligible for public funding.

2.         The maximum duration of the project must be one year. This may be 06 to 09 months for faculty on IPFP or contract while 09 to 12 months for faculty on TTS or BPS.

3.         The applicant will serve as Principal Investigator (PI) while a regular faculty on TTS and BPS in the host university/institute may serve as the Co-PI.

4.         A Co-PI can assist simultaneously maximum two projects under SRGP.

5.         The major cost of the project will be paid in first instalment. While the honorarium to PI and Co. PI and university overhead charges will be paid upon submission of the project completion report.

6.         Release of the first instalment would be subject to provision of deed of agreement between HEC and Principal Investigator through Vice Chancellor/Rector of the DAI/University.

7.         Principal Investigator will have to submit Deed Agreement duly signed by the Vice Chancellor/Rector to HEC within a period of one month after receipt of award letter. Failure to submit this within stipulated period may withdraw the offer automatically without further notice to PI

8.         The project funds shall be maintained in a separate bank account to be operated jointly by the PI and Vice Chancellor or on the behalf of Vice Chancellor by the Treasurer/Accounts Officer (in case of Centres) and all payments will be made by observing all codal formalities/ rules & regulations of the university & Government.

9.         The grant received by the PI from HEC will be exclusively utilized for the project as per approved budget.

10.       All purchases will be made as per prescribed rules of the Government/University where the project is located.

11.       The expenditure incurred from the grant may also be subject to audit by the HEC and the PI shall produce the books of accounts to the persons(s) appointed for this purpose by the HEC.

12.       Equipment, apparatus, computers and furniture & fixture or any other items purchased under SRGP out of the grant given by the HEC will remain the property of the HEC, or with the permission of the HEC, to the University where the project is located.

13.       Proper stock entries will be made in the stock register of the institution for all items procured under the project.

14.       In case the PI complete his/her tenure under IPFP, and he/she could not succeed to secure a permanent position at host institution, equipment purchased will be retained in the host institution and the Co-PI will be responsible to complete the research project.

15.       Any discovery made, patent and/or license obtained based on the research carried out with this grant will be in the name of the HEC and any income accruing there from will be shared by the HEC and the PI according to a formula to be established by the HEC.

16.       No change in the arrangement for supervision/ execution of the project or in the approved technical program will be made without the written consent of the Commission.

17.       In all publications and reports generated out of the project, the support provided by the HEC will be duly acknowledged.

18.       PI will be responsible to submit the project completio​n report of his/her research project along with expenditure statement duly audited & verified by respective audit/finance division of the host institution and a project completion performa duly singed by HOD/Dean of respective department/faculty with satisfactory comments that would be mandatory for final payments as second instalment & closure of the project.

19.       The HEC may have the right to get project completion re​ports (progress of research/ investigation/work done by the PI) evaluated through an independent reviewer. This evaluation may include on-site inspections as well.

20.       Host institution may be asked to submit the expense reports on demand only for cross verifications.

21.       In case a PI is transferred/appointed in any another institution, the research funds of SRGP including the movable equipment (laptop, computer, equipment, furniture and fixture etc.) will not be shifted in any case along with the PI and Co-PI will automatically take over the project as PI and would be responsible for remaining project activity till its completion.

22.       Under such circumstances, Co-PI will not only be responsible for completion of the Research Project at the host institution but he will have to submit pro​ject completion report​.

23.       In case the PI intends to go abroad, he/she should have to inform HEC prior to departure, and Co-PI would automatically become PI and will be responsible for remaining project activity till its completion.

24.       In such circumstances, the payment of honorarium will be made to recent PI.

25.       In case of non-completion of the project within stipulated period, the PI and Co PI will have to reimburse all the funds released under SRGP to HEC.

26.       In case of unsatisfactory project completion report, the PI and Co PI will be responsible to incorporate the comments and if necessary shall carry out necessary revisions/amendments as suggested by the evaluator at their own expense.