What is the Eligibility Criteria for this Scholarship?


  1. Must be Pakistani/ AJK nationals.
  2. Must have minimum (18) years of education with MS/M. Phil/equivalent degree.
  3. Must have two years of teaching experience in the HEC recognized University/DAIs.
  4. Must have first division (in annual examination system) or minimum CGPA 3.00 out of 4.0 in the final degree and no 3rd division/ grade D in the entire academic career.
  5. Maximum age on closing date: 45 years.
  6. The faculty members who are already enrolled in PhD (before Fall 2020) or availing HEC/Government /University or any other scholarship are not eligible to apply.
  7. Applicant must be a faculty member of HEC recognize university and will re-join after completion of studies as per terms and conditions of the scholarship award.
  8. Visiting/adjunct faculty members are not eligible to apply.

 Q: What is the Last date to Submit Application?

Ans: New intake closed.

Q: I am teaching in the university on part time basis, am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

 Ans: This scholarship is open to faculty members who are employed on a permanent basis, either on a regular or university pay scale. A faculty member who works as a Visiting/Adjunct/Part-time professor, on the other hand, is not eligible to apply.

Q:-  How can I submit the application processing fee?

Ans: The original deposit slip/ ATM transfer slip in the amount of Rs. 500/- (non-refundable as application processing fee) must be uploaded to the HEC eportal. Applicant can deposit the fee into Habib Bank Limited's account number 1742-79001334-01in favour of Director General Finance HEC, Islamabad.

Q:- What is the Process of Submission of Application?

Ans:     Applicants are required to submit only online application via HEC e-portal (http://eportal.hec.gov.pk) User manual is attached for guidance

Q: I am enrolled in Ph.D. Program; can I avail this opportunity?

 Ans: If an applicant is enrolled in PhD program within One year in the HEC recognized university meeting Quality Assurance Criteria can avail this opportunity.   

Q: - I am already availing HEC/ Government of Pakistan scholarship, can I apply for this Scholarship Scheme?

Ans:- An applicant who is availing HEC/Government /University or any other scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Q: - I am banned by HEC to apply for any Scholarship for a period of one year, Can I apply for this scholarship?

Ans :- A candidate whose scholarship has been terminated due to poor performance or whose one-year ban has not been lifted is ineligible to apply.

Q: - What is the percentage of provinces in scholarship distribution?

Ans:- For the Scholarship distribution, the Federal Government Provincial Quota policy approved by ECNEC in the PC-1 of the project will be followed.


Q:- I have already cleared test taken by HEC for Indigenous and other scholarships schemes, either that test score will be considered?

Ans:- The results of the HAT test are valid for two years. The applicants can take the test to increase their performance. For the merit process, however, HEC will only consider the best valid score..


Q: - An application created by CNIC of any family member or friend other than applicant will be eligible?

Ans:-   No, the applicant must create and submit profile with his / her own CNIC number. Applications submitted using another person's CNIC will be denied. 

Q: - I have Grade D in one course of any degree program, can I apply for this Scholarship?

Ans: - Grade D and 3rd division is analysed in Total marks and CGPA of any degree program/ certificate of entire academic career.

Q: - Does the applicant needs to send the study leave with the application?

Ans: No, he can apply without study leave. However, it is mandatory to provide at the time of scholarship award.

 Q:-From which dates the scholarships will be applicable?

 Ans. The scholarship would be awarded/applicable from the date of approval of award from the Committee/ Date of commencement of classes or date of provision of Study Leave/Relieving order whichever is later.

Last Updated: 16-11-2021 19:39

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