Research Publications

Call for submission of applications for accreditation of research journals is now closed. The deadline to submit applications was 7.4.2021. Received applications are currently under process.

Revised Policy of Research Journals

HEC has developed an online system called the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) for accreditation of research journals. HJRS is a collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories – W, X, and Y -- within their respective knowledge areas on the basis of a number of international benchmarked and recognized parameters that measure the quality of a journal. The online system can be accessed at For any queries, please send an email to

Sciences / Applied Sciences Journals​:

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Management Sciences & Economics, Multi-Disciplinary (Social Sciences):
Note: The Journals of Statistics Disciplines were shifted to HEC Recognized Journals in Sciences from 20-02-2015. Before this date, these were considered in HEC Recognized Journals in Social Sciences.



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