How to Apply


To avail the facility, the applicant needs to apply online. Please visit:

i.           Applicant needs to register himself or login (if an existing user).

ii.          Enter the information and the details regarding samples analysis.

iii.        Get print of system generated filled form and submit with following attachments:

 a.         Summary/description of research proposal

 b.         Copy of approval of Research Synopsis/Proposal

 c.          Consent (Letter) of Service Provider

 d.         Brief profile of Research Supervisor

iv.        Endorsement by research supervisor, head of department and Director (ORIC) must be obtained at appropriate section of the prescribed application form.

v.         The applicant needs to submit the application at least 6 weeks prior to sample analysis.

vi.        The applications will be evaluated and decided by the ASI Management Committee.

vii.      The decision of the Committee will be communicated to the applicant within 6 weeks from the date of submission of the application.

viii.     The decision on the application may be delayed if additional information are required for clarification.

ix.        For all the approved cases, HEC will issue award letter to the applicant.

x.         Upon receipt of award letter, the applicant may send samples to the service providers for analysis.

xi.       The service provider will analyze the sample and bill to the concerned applicant.

xii.      The service provider will send the payment claims to HEC along with duly verified (i) Original Invoice (ii) Results Acceptance Voucher (iii) copy of results

xiii.     HEC will reimburse the sample analysis cost to the service provider upon receipt of the bills.