Q. How to subscribe HEC Digital Library?

A. First, read the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions. Secondly, download the registration form from the link. Send the duly filled form to 'ndlp@hec.gov.pk'. As per standard process, the request is presented in technical committee and DL services are activated subject to approval, availability of license and payment of subscription fee by the requesting institute


Q. Is there a subscription fee or charges for Digital Library?

A. As per existing policy, the subscribing institution has to pay yearly token charges. The amount for charges varies for public and private institutions and type of resources subscribed (basic or premium).


Q. How to access Digital library resources?

A. After your subscription is enabled, you can use URLs of subscribed resources and start accessing the content. URLs for each resource are given under basic and premium on the HEC website.


Q. Is there a way to search available content across all the resources provided under HEC DL program?

A. Yes, you can search any article/book here.


Q. I am facing an issue in access to subscribed resources, what should I do?

A. Send your queries with a detailed explanation and screenshot to 'ndlp@hec.gov.pk'. HEC-DL will take up the matter with the concerned publisher and intimate you when the issue is resolved.