HEC National Digital Library Programme

HEC National Digital Library Programme (NDLP) provides researchers within public and private universities/institutions and non-profit research & development organizations in Pakistan with access to international scholarly literature. It provides access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, articles and e-Books across a wide range of disciplines. The e-books support programme allows researchers to access most of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas. Around 75,000 number of electronic content has been made available through the Digital Library Programme.

The subscribed e-resources under Digital Library are categorized as;

Basic Resources:

  • These resources are extended countrywide to universities, colleges and other academic and research institutes.  

Premium Resources:

  • These are expensive resources whose access is given to limited public and private sector universities based on demand and availability of licenses. 

​Basic Resources
​Premium Resources
  • ​Ovid
  • Wiley
  • Springer Link
  • Taylor & Francis (T&F)
  • ASTM
  • Ebrary
  • PQDT

  • ​IEEE
  • Science Direct
  • Emerald
  • IOP
  • AIP
  • APS
  • Web of Science (WoS)
  • Scopus
  • ACS
  • ASCE
  • AMS
  • ACM
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