Attestation of Degree/Transcript Certificates

Urgent Attestation Service

The Higher Education Commission is launching an urgent service for attestation of Educational Documents with effect from 15th July, 2019 for those applicants who want to schedule their date of appointment on priority. Following number of slots would be available from Monday to Friday, excluding gazetted public holidays:     

  1. HEC Head Quarter Islamabad                       68 slots
  2. HEC Regional Center Lahore                       35 slots
  3. HEC Regional Center Karachi                     30 slots
  4. HEC Regional Center Peshawar                 10 slots
  5. HEC Regional Center Quetta                       10 slots              

The applicant would have to pay Rs. 5000/- as urgent attestation fee in addition to Rs. 800/ for attestation of each original document and Rs. 500/- for attestation of each photocopy document. Applicants will have to apply online at by following laid down procedure and select urgent mode of attestation at the time of submission of online application."


All applicants who require attested documents in sealed envelope (for WES/ICAS etc.) are advised to keep photocopies of HEC attested documents for their record and future reference before placing in envelope for seal". All those applicants who apply for attestation through courier service and require documents in sealed envelope (for WES/ICAS etc.) are also advised to inform the courier service company for arranging photocopies of HEC attested documents for their record before placing in envelope for seal.

Notice:  Discontinuation of Computer Lab Facility for Attestation of Documents

It is notified for the information of General Public that due to launch of new online degree attestation system, the computer Lab facility will not be available w.e.f May 29th, 2017 onward.

According to the new online degree attestation system, applicants have to create their accounts on following HEC web link for attestation of their educational documents from HEC:

  • After creation of profile, applicants will upload scanned copies of required documents for initial scrutiny. After successful scrutiny, they will schedule their visit according to their convenience and subject to availability of slot.
  • Applicants are advised to bring all the required original documents along with a set of photocopies as well as printout of online application form as per scheduled date and time.
  • For HEC Islamabad only: All those applicants who have submitted their attestation fee in any other branch of HBL must verify their bank challan receipts from HBL Shalimar Recording Company Branch H-9, Islamabad before submitting their applications for attestation on the scheduled date and time.

Information for general public regarding submission of documents at WES/ICAS etc:

"Applicant(s) desiring to submit documents at WES/ICAS etc. is required to get attested original degrees/transcripts along with a set of photocopies of the same educational documents from HEC as per procedure available above. The HEC will seal only HEC attested photocopies of educational documents in an envelope and will hand over to the applicant(s)/his/her blood relative/authorized person. The applicant(s) can also avail the services of authorized courier company i.e. Gerry's/FedEx (International) or TCS Courier (Local) for attestation and sealing of HEC attested photocopies of educational documents. The HEC attested documents can be submitted by the applicant(s) to any organization including WES/ICAS etc. The HEC do not send documents directly to any agency/organization. 

Through personal visit, you will go through normal procedure of degree attestation and after receiving the attested degrees/transcripts, you have to visit HEC R&I office and documents will be sealed there on verbal request only without any charges. Also remember to keep photocopies of HEC attested photocopies of degrees/transcripts with yourself for future record before placing in envelop for seal". 

Requirements for Attestation:

  • Create an online profile at to initiate the process for degree attestation. Completely fill-in the personal and educational details on the online profile. Incomplete information may cause inconvenience for you at later stage.
  • Reserve an available date for attestation at a HEC office location of your choice.
  • For Attestation through courier service, please select the option of courier service in the online form. Print out the form and visit the designated courier office. For further details, please visit Attestation through Courier Service.
  • The attestation fee for each Original document is Rs. 800 and for each Photocopy is Rs. 500.
  • Only transcript (complete/Incomplete) are allowed for attestation even if the degree has not been issued subject to verification by the Controller of Examination of the concerned university/DAIs.
  • The Information on applicant's academic documents should exactly match with CNIC/Passport:
  • For attestation of "Shahadatul Almiya fil Uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia" please enter particulars of Aama, Khasa, Aaliya and Almiya in the online application form and attach equivalence given by the HEC.
  • For attestation of "Equivalence letter" issued by the HEC, please attach the original Equivalence letter along with all necessary original documents as stated below.
  • The HEC attests the photocopies of degrees and transcripts only after attestation of the original documents.
  • The HEC will not attest any document if a field/area is omitted or erased on the same. Please, contact to the university first for issuance of documents without erasure/omission.
  • Fake degrees and all other original educational documents would be confiscated and handed over to FIA for further investigation and disposal as per law.
  • ​Please, read the complete guidelines for chosen method of attestation i.e., Walk-In and/or Courier Service before proceeding for attestation to avoid any inconvenience.
  • For attestation of CPSP Fellowship/Membership certificate, the verification of Controller of Examinations of CPSP is required before submission of documents to HEC.
  • Please bring or furnish (Courier Cases) the following documents:
    • Duly filled-in Application Form. 
    • A clearly visible copy of valid Computerized National Identity Card/ Passport in case of Foreign National is mandatory.
    • The applicant must submit that transcript and degree only which he/she wants to attest.
    • In case of professional degree/diploma, Registration and/or recognition from relevant professional body.
    • In case the documents are being presented by a person other than the degree holder, an authority letter for the authorized person along with a copy of CNIC of the authorized person duly attested by Grade-17 and above officer is required.
    • A set of photocopies of CNIC/Passport and documents that are required to be attested, for HEC record.

Note:   In case, there is any ambiguity or clarification required, please go through the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions/comments/suggestions, please send your query at the relevant e-mail address from the Contact Us.  All queries sent to the designated e-mail address are responded in 72 hours.

Last Updated: 23-08-2019 15:00

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