1. Filling of online application form available at
  2. Copy of degree for which equivalence is required (other than English Version, its translation from concerned University/Embassy or NUML)
  3. Copy of Year-wise Transcript or Diploma Supplement or Graduation Statement/Record of study indicating date of admission and completion of degree (other than English Version, its translation from concerned University/Embassy or NUML)
  4. Copy of passport indicating visa, entry and exit in respective country for study duration only
  5. Copy of CNIC
  6. Non-refundable fee Challan (auto generated with the application form) can be paid in any HBL online branch. Fee for each Degree/Diploma/Certificate is Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand Rupees only) and this fee does not include any degree genuineness verification fee charged by some foreign universities.
  7. Submit  duly  notarized  Affidavit  from a  notary  public having  value of  Rs.20/- or  above Sample Affidavit: (Affidavit (face to face classes) & Affidavit for online degrees)                                                                                                                      

    It is mandatory to Submit Affidavit (as required in Para-7 above) and applicant's signature on "Declaration by the applicant" on application form. Failing to do so can easily get your application rejected.

    The copies of all the documents along with affidavit can be sent via any courier service in Pakistan or abroad and there is NO Need to send original documents or visit HEC Islamabad or HEC Regional Centers. Please send your application to:

    Foreign Equivalence Section

    Accreditation & Attestation(A&A) Division

    Higher Education Commission,

    Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road,


  8. As per policy it is mandatory for the applicants to provide verification on genuineness of their degrees from respective foreign universities directly to HEC for receiving equivalence letter of their foreign degrees.

    The verification of foreign degrees can be provided to HEC in a sealed envelope from the university, direct fax from university to +9251-90400902 or through an email from university directly addressed to HEC at  Please do not forget to mention your Application ID while writing to university.

    For FAQs and general queries, please go to