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20045Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), IslamabadMuhammad ShahidEconomicsTracking the Dynamics of Interaction between Fiscaland Monetary Policy in Pakistan14-Sep-200428-Aug-201417-Aug-2018Dr. Abdul QayyumYesEmpirically Assessing the impact of institutional Quality on Monetary Policy in PakistanSocial SciencesJournal of Managerial SciencesY
20044University of Engineering & Technology,  Lahore.Saima FarooqIslamic StudiesScholastic Evolution in Teminologies of Uloom-ul-Hadith (A Technical & Literary Study)3-Sep-20137-Sep-20173-May-2018Dr. Israr FarooqiYesMeaning of the honorifics of Muhaddisin, criteria of art and literatureSocial SciencesAl-Qalam, HEC recognizedY
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