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19262Government College University, Lahore.Aneel SamuelUrduعبداللہ حسین کی فکشن میں عصری حسیت7-May-20125-Nov-201830-May-2019Dr. Muhammad SaeedNoDr. Abdul Haq, IndiaDr. Nadim Ahmad, IndiaAbdullah Hussain ka Afsana "Samundar" or Aalmi HesiyatSocial SciencesALHAMDZJan-June 2018
19261University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.Nida FirdousFood TechnologyDevelopment and Evaluation of Aloevera gel based edible coating for shelf life extension of tomatoes16-Sep-201313-Feb-201827-Jun-2019Dr. Moazzam Rafiq KhanYesDr. Cindy Tong, USAHang Xiao, Ph.D., USAApplication of Aloevera gel based edible coating to maintain postharvest quality of TomatoesSciences-W3-Apr-2019
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