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25794University of Education, LahoreAmbreen SiddiqueEducationExploration of Sustainable Competencies of Pre-Service Teachers Programs in Punjab29-Jan-1616-Nov-2026-Jan-22Dr. Muhammad AnwerYesDr. Nasser Mansour, UKHolly Johnson, USAPerception of Prospective Teachers about Practices of Sustainable Competencies Learned During Pre-Service Teachers ProgramSocial SciencesGlobal Regional Review (GRR)Y04-Dec-18
25793University of the Punjab, LahoreRubab Zafar KahlonGeographyImpact of Population Growth on Forest Resource Degradation in Rawalpindi Division, 1990-201513-Oct-1412-Oct-1931-Dec-20Dr. Ibtisam Butt-Dr. Melissa Nursey-Bray AustraliaProf. Dr. Joeng C Song, USAAssessment of Forest Resource Exploitation in the Rural Communities of District Jhelum, PakistanInternational Journal of Economics and Environmental GeologyY12-Nov-19
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