Objectives & Activities



  • To encourage, promote and develop the Games and Sports in Universities of Pakistan
  • To plan and execute various Sports activities in order to provide opportunities for social contact and understanding amongst the students of the Universities of Pakistan
  • To organize Inter University Sports Championships for male & female students player and awaken the interest towards Sports.
  • To get affiliation with the National and International Sports Federations/Organizations.
  • To arrange Coaching Training Camps and Courses for the benefit of Pakistan University/HEC Team/student players and Sports officials.
  • To select Pakistan University/ HEC team for participation in National and International level matches / meets both at home and abroad.
  • To award medals, trophies, certificates prize money and Sports scholarships etc. as per PUSB rules to the student Sports men / Sports women and Sports officials showing outstanding merit and performance.
  • To act as a bureau of information on Sports consultation amongst the Institutions of higher learning and Government Departments related to Sports.
  • To act as a representative of the Universities/Institutes of Pakistan.
  • To organize and facilitate Conferences, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Research Work etc. in Sports.

  1. Organize Intervarsity Championships 
  2. Participation in the National Championships and National Games
  3. Participation in sports activities at international level
  4. Provide financial support to outstanding sports person
  5. Developments of Sports infrastructure at universities/DAI's
  6. Arrange meetings and training courses